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Montana Fly Fishing in January and February 

While January and Febuary are the heart of winter in the Big Sky County there are great opportunities to catch fish minuets from Downtown Bozeman. 

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The Nuances of January and February Fishing

When anyone thinks of Montana in January or February images of snow covered lands instantly come to mind. And they are correct! While we do see significant amounts of snow these months we also see a fair number of dry days with temperatures above freezing- fishing weather. Most of our trips in this time frame are booked by skiers looking to participate in something easier on their joints. We also see a few die hard anglers that want to fish spey rods and sink tips on tail waters like the Missouri or Big Horn Rivers. 

January and February  Fishing Options: 

For the most part we stick to the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks which provide water that is much warmer than the air. Hatches are minimal at this time, but the subsurface fishing is outstanding fish are consuming innumerable quantities of midges a and crustaceans. It also behooves the angler to try swinging a leech as a large source of calories is welcome in the reduced water temperatures. 


Anglers seeking an ultimate adventure can strap on their snow shoes and hike into the Three Dollar Bridge area of the Madison River. With the spring water influence anglers can expect to find a number of trout consuming  copious amounts of midges, both below the surface and on the surface! 

January and February Fishing Weather:

In January we see an average high of 28, the average temperature is 17, with 0.6 in of precipitation. In February we see an average high of 35, and average temperature of 24, and 0.5 in of precipitation.