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Private Water

When most anglers allow their eyelids to droop and dreams to develop they see an immaculate trout stream, trout rising to mayflies, and no one in sight. Wet Net Outfitters has dreamt of this experience and provides it all season through our network of exclusive private water leases and limited access spring creeks.  Here anglers can expect to always "get the spot" and enjoy an intimate day with environment around them.

A yellowstone cutthroat trout caught on a private water fishing trip

Cutthroat Haven

As the lessor of some of these bodies of water we find it imperative to protect their identity. Yellowstone Cutthroat, especially the sizable specimens, need to be treated with supreme respect. Because of this we offer a limited number of rods in a week to ensure that all of our guests have fresh, wild, native fish to catch. In my eyes I have witnessed very few fisheries that compare to this stream.  Anglers can expect to fish a variety of surface imitations from caddis to frogs. And streamers fished down and across. 

The Season: Due to the high elevation of this fishery we do not experience much discoloration due to runoff and we begin fishing up here as early as May and will fish it well into October. 



DePuy's Spring Creek

DePuy's is perhaps the most iconic spring creek in the Mouton West. Its fertile waters provide an optimal environment to grow and overabundance of insects and trout. Because of its ground sourced water, the creek provides stable flows and temperatures all year. From late March  through early October dry fly anglers rejoice for good hatches of beatis, PMD's, sulfurs, midges, multiple species of caddis, damsels, and terrestrials. Year round anglers can expect some of the best subsurface fishing in the state from late fall into spring. While it is a gin-clear spring creek anglers that make a proper presentation with an adequate offering can expect to be rewarded. 


The Season: We fish DePuy's  12 months a year and each month offers up spectacular fishing.

Guided fly fishing on DePuy's Spring Creek in Livingston Montana
Guided fly fishing on Armstrong's Spring Creek in Livingston Montana

Armstrong's Spring Creek

Framed by the Beartooth Mountains, Armstong's Spring Creek is the consummate spring creek. While DePuy's has gained the present day notoriety, historically Armstong's was THE spring creek in Paradise Valley.  In fact, the water that roars out of the Yellowstone Aquifer to form Armstrong's is the same spring that feeds DePuy's, the creek simply crosses a property line! Armstong's provides an intimate angling experience and some of the finest dry fly fishing known to man. Solid hatches of beatis, PMD's, sulfurs, midges, multiple species of caddis, damsels, and terrestrials keep fish looking toward the surface more often than not. Beautiful flats, broad riffles, and weed beds galore provide ample habitat for trout and insects alike. 

The Season: We fish Armstrong's  12 months a year and each month offers up something special. The dry fly scene begins in late March and runs into October